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Online Marketing is big. We all know this – you may not, however, know that in 2009 digital marketing overtook television in the UK as the largest form of advertising in terms of spent revenue, and this is not without good reason.

Rough figures published by searchengineland.com show that Google sees a whopping 34,000 searches every single second, Facebook updates the statuses of over 700 people per second and Twitter tweets the thoughts of over 600 people per second – if those figures are not mind-boggling enough consider the thought that the 5 year forecast of each predicts only growth.

To a business owner this should represent one thing. Opportunity.

Despite its massive success internet marketing and in particular Social Media Marketing is still very much in its infancy. New and existing products are constantly being revised, tailored and optimised in order to allow advertisers to reach only the most relevant of potential consumers, not just to ensure a steady stream of advertising revenue but also because a relevant end-user experience is, in general, a happy one – and so with advertisers only reaching the people they want to, and consumers only seeing the things that they want to, the internet is in a harmonious balance and everyone’s a winner right?


A marketing campaign and a successful marketing campaign are two very different things – to reach potential consumers you can throw together an advertising campaign and get yourself “out there” in just an evening, but I would compare this to shooting a nationwide commercial on your latest smartphones videocamera.

People will see it, but what they will see is something of little value that is extremely costly to implement in comparison to its actual worth. Not only that but when your online advertising shows your business not only to the wrong demographics, but in an unprofessional and poorly constructed manner, the old saying “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” just doesn’t hold true in the digital age.

So where does that leave the business owner who cannot afford to employ devoted marketing gurus to manage their online existance? Well, in short, that leads them to Social Networking Ltd – devoted marketing gurus you can afford to employ.

We create tailored advertising packages around your business on Social Networks such as Facebook. We target your demographics, at your peak times and within your budget – your performance is monitored and tailored to achieve maximum efficiency and we literally tap into the rich resource of potential business that is Social Media Marketing.

So if you would like to take advantage of the most tailored, targeted and cost effective form of marketing available today, then click here to begin your campaign – to those unwilling to keep up with and beat the curve, please smile and wave as the boat sails on by.



One thought on “Social Media Marketing From Social Networking Ltd

  1. I had no idea that digital marketing had overtaken television, thats a pretty significant fact!

    I run a PPC campaign on Google at the moment and if i’m honest had never really considered a facebook campaign as a route to market, but I might just give it a go now!

    Posted by UKM Products | July 9, 2011, 9:40 pm

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