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Facebook ad prices set to soar

As the Facebook Boom continues and the popularity of the Social Media Mammoth rises, there is one facet of the social giant that is growing in popularity ahead of the curve – Facebook’s display ads.

Not without good reason, as we’ve discussed in earlier posts the ability to tailor your advert to an extent that only the most relevant leads will ever see your campaign presents huge potential to the advertiser, however there is also a cloud to this silver lining.

As demand rises, so does cost – this simple business logic has already seen the average cost of running a Facebook advertising campaign increase by 22% in the last quarter – and that is following on from a huge 40% leap from the quarter before.

To simplify this, the average person paying £1 per ad click in December 2010, is now paying £1.71 per click today – and this staggering rise in costs does not look set to peak any time soon!

The publishers of the report which outlines these findings, Efficient Frontier, released this information with dire predictions (unless your name is Mark Zuckerberg, in which case they are fantastic predictions) that average campaign costs will have risen by 80% by the years end.

So where will this lead, are smaller companies to be priced out of the market by the larger corporations and Blue Chips with their wealth of resources, as is the way of so many other advertising formats?


However Social Networking Ltd can help. Our prices have remained fixed while our costs have risen, we do this because we believe that Social Networking provides a fantastic route to market for our clients, and the more value we provide to you, the more you value us.

Our price structure is transparent – you choose a package that suits your budget and necessary level of exposure to achieve your goals. For this package your ad is displayed to thousands of relevant Facebook profiles at peak times and is monitored by our account managers to ensure you receive the very best service.
One monthly fee, with no rising click costs and no sudden price fluctuations, all backed up by the reassurance that our experts will handle the technical side of things for you.

Simplicity, value and effectiveness – stop wasting time and money and contact Social Networking Ltd today.



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